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Trueview Splitscreen Colour camera systems
Trueview Splitscreen Colour camera systems
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Our Trueview camera systems have a major impact on the safety of human beings, and also help to avoid material damages caused by unnecessary collisions. Investment in a high quality camera system pays for itself through the no-claims bonus received for driving without accidents. Suitable for a wide range of applications including trucks, coaches, cars, vans and minivans, campers, agricultural vehicles and machinery, cranes, loaders, shovels, forklift trucks, trailers, boats and of course also for surveillance in shops, offices, houses, carports, etc.
All our Trueview splitscreen colour camera systems are based on the MXN7000 Splitscreen TFT LCD, which is an A-quality 7" TFT LCD with rubber coated housing, 4 camera inputs, free voltage and multiple viewing modes. Available viewing modes are 1 camera (FULL SCREEN), 2 cameras (DUAL SPLIT), 3 cameras (TRIPLE) and 4 cameras (QUAD). 8 camera options are available, including both colour and black and white bumper cameras, ball cameras and wide-angle and autoshutter cameras. Accessories include cables, extension cables, camtrailer sets and adaptor cables.
MXN7000 Splitscreen TFT LCD

On Screen Menu for all settings - Volume, Brightness, Color, Contrast, distance scale ON/OFF, independent Normal/Mirror view per camera, Autoscan ON/OFF, SPLIT SCREEN setup, etc.
Automatic switch ON by possibillity of independent triggering
Switch OFF delay
Built-in day/night sensor for illumination of the control knobs
Easily removable by connector in central cable
External Audio/Video input
External controllerbox which needs to be installed behind the dashboard

Example camera: MXN91C Camera

Solid high quality color camera
Built-in Infra Red LED's for picture support in the dark
Automatic heating below +10oC
Aluminium housing
Built-in microphone for one-way audio
Switchable magnetic screw for NORMAL/MIRROR view selection
Stainless steel mounting accessories
Example combined system, camera and splitscreen monitor -


TV System PAL/NTSC(Auto)
Rubber coated housing
7” TFT LCD (approx 175 mm) diagonal screen size
Power 10 - 32 v
4 camera inputs 4-pin mini DIN 4 channel & RCA
Multiple viewing-1 camera (full screen), 2 cameras (dual split), 3 cameras (triple), 4 cameras (quad)
Automatic switch-on by reverse gear
Normal/Mirror function per camera
5.5 G Shockproof
Built-in speaker
Built-in light sensor for illumination of control knobs
Contrast, brightness and volume control
90Deg Deflection angle
Dimensions: Monitor (W x H x D)197x134x28 mm Controller box (W x H x D) 154 x 105 x 23 mm
Power consumption 10 w max
Resolution 1440 x 234 pixels
Operating temp -10DegC ~ +50DegC (waterproof IP54)
Weight 1.5 kg with mounting bracket
On screen menu for all settings


High quality 1/3” CCD (PAL) colour camera
Multi Angle Bracket and Sun Visor
Extremely clear image at low light by 6 IR LED’s
Automatic heating when temperature is below +10DegC
Aluminium Die-Cast waterproof housing (IP67)
Automatic electronic iris
Built-in condenser microphone
Waterproof connector 4-pin mini DIN
10 G Shockproof
Changeable Mirror/Normal by waterproof switch
Wide lens 120 deg diagonal
Power consumptions max 4 w
Operating temperature -30DecC ~ +50DegC
Required illumination 0.5 lux
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 110 x 85 x 75 mm with bracket and sun visor
Resolution 330 TV Lines 320.000 pixels
For further details, or to discuss your particular requirements, contact us direct by telephone on +44 (0) 1332 834141, by email at or through our message form.