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Load Cell Indicators
Load Cell Indicators
A Battery Powered Load Cell Indicator.
This highly stable instrument is ideal for Load Cell fault diagnosis.
Containing storage for 99 Calibrations, it is an ideal Engineers Mate...
Employs the User-Friendly KASAR 2-Point Linear Calibration Technique.
Offers a User-Friendly method to Store and Recall Multiple Calibrations.
Offers a 1 to 50 D-Digit, display resolution.
A programmable Filter Setting provides appropriate UpDate Rates.

Designed for Battery Operation, utilising Low-Power CMOS technology.
Power Management Features...
Automatic Shut-Down, with programmable Timers.
Back-Light on Demand only.
Excitation Switching.
Battery Status Display, on Power Up: Last 20% gives a warning.
Live Battery Watch-Dog, no False Readings.

Optional Extras.
Carry Handle.
Mains Adaptor: 90 -> 250 Vac.
ADC: 16-Bit Sigma-Delta Anaolog to Digital Converter, +/-65,000 internal Counts.
Calibration: By Key-Pad, No Pots or Switches.
Resolution: 3,000 Counts FSD, Displaying upto 20,000 Counts.
Excitation: 5 Vdc for upto 4 350 Ohm Load Cells.
Linearity: 0.01% or Better.

Display: 16 Character * 8 mm LCD, with Back-Light.
Key-Pad: 16 Key Membrane Key-Pad, Separate On and Off Buttons.

Power Supply: Inorganic Lithium Batteries, 600 Hours for a single 1000 Ohm Load Cell.
Operating Temp: is from -10 to +40 C.

Housing: Hi-Impact ABS in Graphite Grey, with an IP65 Protection Rating.
Dimensions: W = 185 : H = 190 : D = 85 mm, excludes Optional Handle / Stand-Off.
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