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Trueload DP-512 Datapod
Trueload DP-512 Datapod
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The DP-512 DataPod is functionally similar to a ‘Black-Box’ on a Plane, though not quite as robust.
. . . The device is a small ‘Grey Box’ that is hidden away on the vehicle.
. . . The umbilical connection is via the ‘existing’ TrueLoad to Printer Comms Lead.
. . . An ‘iButton’ Connection Point is provided to Down-Load the Reports.
The Physical System is completed by:
. . . An iButton Reader attached to the Site PC.
. . . Combined with our Custom 'DP-512' Up-Load Software.
The DP-512 System Operates as follows:
A, At completion of the 'TrueLoad' for the lorry, the DP-512 automatically receives the Transaction Report.
... Each individual Report is Time-Stamped, then Compressed and Stored.
... The most recent 32,600 Reports are retained, this equates to about 2 Years Data, at a typical rate of 80 Reports / Day.
... This is achieved without any Operator actions, no training is required at all.
B, Periodically, the Reports are Down-Loaded to an iButton, how quick do you need the Data?
... The iButton is then taken to the site PC, and the Reports are Up-Loaded into an Excel Spread-Sheet.
... The custom software provided initiates the Up-Load via a Single Mouse-Click.
It really is as simple as that...

Microchip CPU : Using NanoWatt Technology : 64KBytes Flash Memory : 4KBytes RAM.
Data Storage Bank : 512KBytes EEPROM : 32,600 Reports : Data Retention 200 Years Min. : Write Cycles 1,000,000 Min.
Real Time Clock : RTC + 56 Bytes NVRAM : Capacitor Back-Up, no Battery to Replace.
Operating Temp : - 20Deg C to + 70Deg C.
Power Supply : Drawn from TrueLoad Device : Vin = 7.5 Vdc to 30 Vdc : Iin = 56mA Typical, 100mA Max.
... Over Voltage and Reverse Voltage Protection : Self Re-Setting Thermal Fuse Protection.
Record Transfer : For a Full 500 Records, Write to iButton, the DataPod Transfer Time is typically 45 Seconds.

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