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MES Positive Displacement Pulse Output Flowmeters
MES Positive Displacement Pulse Output Flowmeters
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Manufactured by ManuFlo - Flow Measurement Products -

The MES20, MES25, MES32 and MES4050 nutating disc magnetically coupled positive displacement pulse output flowmeters are suitable for a wide range of precision batching and flowrate monitoring applications, operating from low to high flow ranges.

Unlike rotary piston and oval rotor principle meters, the nutating disc flow chamber can pass small impurities without jamming, whilst maintaining exceptional measurement accuracy with only minimal headlosses. Measurement of concrete admixtures and water-based chemicals with varying specific gravities up to 1.4 is achieved with only slight calibration variations.

The pulsehead transmitter is a self-contained unit which couples to the meter body with a bayonet lock and turn fitting connection, while being fully isolated from the fluid measuring chamber. Pulse outputs are available as NPN Transistor or contact-closure Reed Switch. The pulsehead unit is rated to IP54 protection.
Nutating (wobbling) disc measuring chamber.

Small impurities can pass chamber without jamming.

Low hydraulic thrust minimises wear.

High pulse output rate for precision
flowrate & batching applications.

* 1.5 % flow range accuracy curve.

0.2 % repeatability.

Conforms to AS3565-1988,
Designed to meet AS3901.
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