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Trueload weighing system
Trueload weighing system
A consistent front end loader weighing device to an accuracy of + or - 1/2%, which operates from load cells, the Trueload system will improve the profitability of any commercial or industrial organisation that needs to move a volume of bulk material with accurate payloads
Consistent Loading Accuracy to 0.5 % makes Trueload an independent, accurate weighing system. There is no change of state as in inferential hydraulic systems, which suffer from hysterisis, shared pressures, variable temperatures, and worn pumps and seals. These inherent inaccuracies do not occur with the Trueload as it is an electromechanical weighing system, which operates from the load pins.

Trueload has been developed to fit to any size of front-end loader, withstand adverse operating conditions and ensure accuracy and efficiency in all environments. These advantages have been recognises by many organisations, including major quarry companies, fertilizer blenders, farmers, scrap merchants, gypsum companies, sand and gravel pits, and even builders merchants.

Trueload is unique. It is the only system where inherent related hydraulic inaccuracies do not occur.
Major features of Trueload include:

All instruments have a life span in excess of 14 years.
Daily greasing of load cells is the only operator maintenance required please note.
No dependence on hydraulic viscosity or pressure.
Works immediately irrespective of cold or hot temperatures.
No moving parts.
It is a direct electro-mechanical system.
Hermetically sealed shear beam load cells.
Specially developed shear beam load cells replace the machines lift-ram pins and together with the cab mounted instrument, converts the machine into a precise weighing device.
Repeatable accuracy of 1% on telescopic handlers and 0.5% on loading shovels.
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