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An accurate check and calibration on readymix concrete plant, aggregate and cement hoppers and silos. Our Weighcheck service reduces loss due to inaccurate calibration of plant, and is available on a one-off basis or through periodic service contracts tailored to your precise needs.
The Weighcheck system was originally designed 20 years ago to eliminate the human effort required to physically load hoppers with deadweights, and to discontinue the practice of using material to kmake up’ the weight at 500kg intervals on large capacity hoppers. Our system overcomes the ‘Manual Handling Regulations’.

The heart of the system comprises of 2 No. tension/compression load cells used in conjunction with hydraulic jacks contained in two simple �yoke� arrangements.

The plant is modified by installing holding down bolts grouted underneath the hoppers vertically so that, by simple chain and shackle arrangements, the hoppers may be �pulled� downwards and the applied load which is infinitely variable is monitored via the load cells, onto an accurate digital instrument, traceable to NAMAS standards. The applied weight will highlight any stiction or fouling

Conversely, the system works in reverse and, by conveniently welded loading plates, the hopper may be �jacked� downwards against an overhead restraint.
The Weighcheck system is approved by Q.S.R.M.C., B.S.I. and UKWF, the definitive weighing authority.

The actual weighcheck is carried out within 10 minutes, for each hopper (after setting up). We guarantee the work will be done. We do not just arrive and fill in a sheet.

With cooperation from plant personnel, the plant need not be shut down.

No make up material is required, except in 5 tonne intervals. No cement make up is required

We apply a full sweep of the scale as a first step and this is entered on a weighcheck sheet in triplicate. This shows whether the weigh gear was correct at the start of the inspection. We carry out adjustments if necessary and another full check before leaving the plant in good order.

The whole weighing installation is checked using Weighcheck, i.e. knife-edges, transfer arms, hopper hangers, and shackles.

Weighcheck is fast, easy to carry out and efficient. Deadweights are not required where Weighcheck is employed (95% of plants accept our system).

Where deadweights must be used, we shut down the plant by arrangement but need assistance from your staff, as is normal.

All knife-edges are cleaned, shackles checked and we re-charge kilopoise. Filters in the panel are inspected and the filters from compressor and in-line filters are inspected and, if attention is required the batcher is notified.
For further details, or to discuss your particular requirements, contact us direct by telephone on +44 (0) 1332 834141, by email at or through our message form.