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Industrial Process Control > Bag filling controllers
Kasar 5 Series Bag filling controllers
Kasar 5 Series Bag filling controllers
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There are two basic models in the Kasar 5 Series of Controllers, one for use with static bag supporting weigh platforms, the other for systems that weigh the bag whilst suspended from the bag loops. Each model has an advanced specification and is available for use in hazardous areas, when using suitable barrier devices.
As supplied to FPE Global - Flomat Bagfilla International UK Ltd and Control and Metering of Canada for FIBC bulk bag filling machines.
There are versions fitted with ‘Learn’ modes for filling bags by volume. Here the system automatically re-adjusts the target, trickle offset and other filling parameters after the first bag of a new blend is bagged off to the required volume. This function is especially useful where the bulk density of the product may vary for instance if the product is supplied from a centrifuge or spray drier.

Automatic bag release models are available with additional Pallet Call and Pallet detect functions.

The Kasar 5 is fitted with a minimum I/O capacity of three remote digital inputs and eight
relay outputs. This is expandable to 24 remote inputs and 15 relay outputs. All relay outputs are volt free. Each model in the series is fitted with a diagnostic routine that allows testing of the remote inputs and relay outputs individually via the instrument keypad. Communication facilities include a serial RS232 and an analogue option that gives either a tracking 4-20mA current loop or a 0-10v signal.
Manual Controls
Bag Support mechanism control
Inflation Fan On/Off
Vibration On/Off
Fast Feed
Slow Feed
Stop Feed
Executive Mode Access
Programmable Parameters
Target Weight
Trickle Offset
Zero Window setting
Bag Support time setting
Bag seam stretching cycle time
Overload Alarm level
No Feed Alarm delay
Automatic In-flight Offset primary setting
Vibration starting weight
End of Fill Cycle Vibrate time
Tare Limit
Tolerance Band setting
Real-Time Clock setting
Weight Display: 5 Digit LED Display 0.8” Drive capability: 6 x 350 Ohm loadcells
Data Display: 5 Digit LED Display 0.56” Remote Inputs: Up to 24
Display Resolution: 1/4000 or 1/5000 Relay Outputs: Up to 15 (volt free)
Full Scale: 15 Selectable Scales Communications: Serial RS232
Input resolution: 1/20000 Analogue Outputs: 4-20mA or 0-10v
Input Conditioning: Digital Input Averaging Power supply: 110 /230v AC
Input Sensitivity: 0.4mV/V to 8.0mV/V
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