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Backsense plant radar detectors
Backsense plant radar detectors
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Backsense is a rugged and reliable system for detecting people and objects, thereby helping to prevent costly accidents and save lives. The compact, rugged design is resistant to environmental conditions such as moisture, dust, vibration, heat, cold, sun glare and others.

Backsense has just three components: sensor unit, in-cab audio/visual display unit, and a cable connection from the sensor unit to the in-cab display unit. It can work as a ‘stand-alone’ system, or can be integrated with another reversing system. The system can help save lives. It can also prevent damage to vehicles caused by reversing into stationary objects. The system is designed to detect the closest obstacle (whether stationary or moving, human or inanimate) in the zone of coverage, which ranges from 3 metres to 6 metres according to model.
Backsense utilises pulsed radar technology to detect people and objects at a longer range than is typical with ultrasonic reversing aids, which makes it ideal for heavy goods vehicles, construction vehicles and mobile plant machinery. A single heavy duty sensor is sufficient to cover each zone on all but the largest machines. And because pulsed radar travels through plastic, ruggedness and reliability is ensured by totally sealing the sensor ‘head’ inside the sensor housing. This means that it is super-reliable, and unaffected by continuous vibration, steam cleaning, pressure washing, and dirt.

Backsense can be used with other safety systems. For example, a closed circuit camera mounted on the same vehicle can be integrated with Backsense so that when a detection is made Backsense not only gives the standard audible and visual warnings but also switches on the CCTV monitor. Backsense can also be connected with a standard reversing alarm, so that the reversing alarm sounds only when a detection is made, significantly reducing noise nuisance.

The rear sensor can be bolted to the body, or hung on a bracket, and can even be mounted out of sight behind any non-metallic surface. The system’s audio/visual warning display unit features a series of LEDs to display relative distance to the object. The unit also provides an audible tone that increases in pulse rate as an object becomes closer. The display unit is small and easily mounted in the operator’s preferred location. Backsense radar systems outperform all other systems in the industry in detection zone coverage, accuracy and options.
Close detection zone combined with targeted beam pattern
Controlled beam pattern to minimise false warnings
Excellent close-in detection
Frequency modulated continuous wave radar technology
Can trigger other vehicle safety devices such as camera monitor systems or reversing alarms
Eliminates possibility of driver interference. The audible warning buzzer cannot be switched off, providing fleet operators with peace of mind
Clear, easy-to-read display and wide volume range of audible alert
Suitable for both on- and off-road applications
Extremely rugged design for severe weather conditions and all terrains
Effective through non-metallic objects - can fit behind plastic or glass fibre body work
Self-diagnostics alert operator to system errors
Choice of detection ranges
5 stage audible and visual display
Comprehensive certification
Every Backsense has an in-cab audio alert and LED display to alert the operator to hazards and their proximity.
Programmable Backsense:-


Detection area
3m (10ft) - 30m (98.5ft) length
2m (6.5ft) - 10m (33ft) width

5 detection zones.
Blind zones, system ignores objects in specified zones, e.g. vehicle bodywork.
Trigger output length controls when other equipment, e.g. a warning alarm, is activated.
Buzzer starting zone audible alert can be set to activate after the visual signal.
Simple-to-use PC-based configuration software, no bespoke programming equipment required.

Fixed Backsense:-

Fixed detection length and width divided into 5 equal detection zones.
Buzzer and trigger output activate in all zones on detection.

3m (10ft) length x 2.5m (8ft) width detection area
5 x 0.6m (2ft) detection zones

4.5m (15ft) length x 3.5m (11.5ft) width detection area
5 x 0.9m (3ft) detection zones

6m (19.5ft) length x 4.5m (15ft) width detection area
5 x 1.2m (4ft) detection zones
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