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Brakesafe - Brake Tester With Printer
Brakesafe - Brake Tester With Printer
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BrakeSafe has proved to be an invaluable tool for all fleet operators, maintenance depots and testing stations. It can be used to test brakes on all types of road-going vehicles. It measures mean and peak deceleration and the time to stop. It also evaluates the test speed, stopping distance and straightness of stop.
For all fleet operators, BrakeSafe Classic is the ideal choice to test and monitor the brake performance of your vehicles after servicing. It's easy to use, self-levelling and can be placed anywhere in the vehicle, without needing connection. It is also VOSA-approved for MOT testing of all vehicle classes (excluding I & II) and is suitable for all cars, HGVs and PSVs.

BrakeSafe Classic measures peak and mean acceleration, as well as testing speed, stopping distance and time to stop. Optionally, it can be fitted with a pedal force transducer to record pedal force and delay time.

The instrument produces a printout for your quality assurance records. This is annotated with the ID of the vehicle tested (up to 96 vehicles and 32 trailers).

BrakeSafe can determine if the vehicle pulls to the left or right during a brake test. Providing the instrument is properly aligned, the test printout will show the mean percentage pull to the left or right. What’s more, the graph printout clearly illustrates when the pull occurs and its peak value. If the vehicle stops dead straight, the pull-line will be straight across the middle of the graph. If it pulls left, the pull-line will move to the left as the vehicle does so and in proportion to the amount of pull. Or if it pulls to the right, the pull-line will move right. This unique graphical feature enables individual brake faults to be traced and rectified.
Measures and prints brake performance
Suitable for all cars, HGVs and PSVs
VOSA approved for MOT testing
Approved for all classes excluding classes 1 & 2
Portable and easy to use
Range: 0 to 140%g
Accuracy: Better than +/-2%g
LCD Display: 2 lines of 16 characters, lit.
Printer: Built in dot matrix type
Memory: Up to 50 test with graphs,96 vehicle IDs, 32 trailer IDs
Clock: All results time-stamped, quartz crystal accuracy
Battery: 12 hr operation,rechargeable
Size: 220 x 140 x 75 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Carry Case: Leather
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