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Bellboy online monitoring system
Bellboy online monitoring system
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The Bellboy Total Product Management System allows the contents of tanks or bulk material storage vessels to be monitored worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system provides an accurate measurement of consignment stock and can provide a run route for re-stocking.
The Bellboy low cost measuring system uses a specially designed pressure tranducer/ultrasonic sensor or existing loadcells, accurately displaying the amount of liquid or powder held in up to 4 storage vessels, to an accuracy of 0.5%. Bellboy updates at least once every 12 hours all levels of each vessel to a remote database hosted on a secure server for the product supplier or user to interrogate as required. Bellboy will also notify the database if a vessel has had a delivery and the quantity delivered, including time and date.

The product supplier can, with internet access, use a web based application from a workstation in their office to securely and remotely access a series of reports giving vital management information regarding their stock levels and delivery information. The product supplier can offer to provide access for customers to view their own vessels as a value added service.

Bellboy can be preset to provide a great deal of critical information in real time. For example, any unusual increase in product usage can show an alert in the usage trend indicator, thus highlighting which vessels will need filling before a predicted date. This enables operators to plan delivery run routes, input available delivery fleet vehicles and calculate highly economic delivery schedules, with great cost saving to the company.

Bellboy can be integrated with automated billing systems giving the supplier a
seamless stock control, logistics planning and invoicing package and can be run on a secure need-to-know basis with multiple users.
Shows total product, by name and vessel capacity and monthly usage of consignment stock
Shows present customer stock level of each product, by name
Informs the manufacturer/transport department of available capacity by product
Neighbours will show localised user product capacity available
Head office and site staff spend less time on the land line telephone
Saves associated costs i.e. call charges, staff time and interruptions
No running out of product, no costly panic deliveries, no return part loads
All necessary vessel information can be viewed on one screen
Indicates type of product in each vessel
No need for the user to dip, clean or read the site glass
The product supplier sets the alert level for each vessel from their own office
Vessel level status updated every 12hrs (minimum)
Deters theft and over filling or tampering with product
Any increase in contents, say water added to disguise actual product usage, gives immediate alert
Automatic usage prediction for individual or group of vessels
Can predict when vessels will alert at present usage trend/rate ie. see graph page
A sudden change of usage rate will alert
Both product supplier and user can have the same accurate information
Allows deliveries to be planned in good time
Reduces misunderstanding between supplier and customer staff
Self diagnostics for reliability
Can send system fault Alarm - with time and date of event recorded
Ability to monitor vessel contents worldwide (password protected)
Continued product development
Sample data fields:

Below Alert Level Below Panic Alert Level
Vessel No
Product in Vessel
Vessel Size Litres/Kg
Current Level
Previous Level
% Vol
Available Capacity
Last Update
Contact Neighbours
Product Totals
Total Capacity
Total Quantity Available Capacity
Customer name
Account No.
Order No.
Plant ID Code
Site address
Post code
Site telephone No.
Site contact
Area manager name
Area manager telephone No.
Area manager mobile No.
Email address
Bellboy installation date
Vessel owner
No. of vessels on site
Vessel No.
Product in vessel
Vessel capacity
Present vessel level
Alet level %
Panic alert level %
Sudden usage alert
Product used this month
Product used last month
Last filled date
Plant open times AM PM
Plant close times AM PM
Saturday AM PM
Sunday AM PM
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