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Kasar DPC-1 Pulse counter/controller
Kasar DPC-1 Pulse counter/controller
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The Kasar DPC-1 is a cost effective and versatile instrument capable of serving a wide range of industrial counting or controller applications. It features user-friendly control of upto 8 Flow Metered channels. A version is available with a post cycle Wash-Down function if required.

The unit is supplied in a rugged IP66 panel mount enclosure. We can also supply a complete kit if requested.
The DPC-1 is a cost effective solution for most industrial pulse-batching processes. It is capable of controlling upto 8 Ingredients via an Output Relay Tree. Additionally if contamination is an issue a programmed Wash-Down feature can be called.

Compact, versatile and easy to use, this microprocessor-based product is ideally suited for filling, batching or discharging by Flow Metering. The basic unit offers upto 5 inputs and 6 outputs. An RS232 serial output is available for data recording purposes.

From experience we know that no two applications for our products are exactly the same. We are always happy therefore to add extra functions or tailor our software to meet customers’ individual requirements.
BackLit 16 character display
Key-Pad entry calibration
Passive Count Mode for monitor only
Cycle Halt, Wait, Resume feature
Error / Status messages displayed
Up to 12 opto-isolated inputs / outputs
In-Flight Offset compensation
Result tolerance testing
Optional end feed Wash Down
Feed rate monitoring and cycle timers.
Remote Start Control Input
No Liquid Detect Control Input
EM-STOP Control Input.
Capable of simultaneous multi-channel control via RS485 communication.

If required we can supply a fully tested system, including a Universal Mains PSU, Control Gear, Control Switches, Flow-Meter, and Custom Circuit Diagrams. We can also build the system into an appropriate housing if requested.
( 6 Channels Max. )
External Opto PSU 12 - 30 Vdc : 250 mA.
Can Provide If Required.
O/P Stage Darlington Open Collector.
100 mA Max.
Remote Relays Coil dc to Suit Opto PSU.
Normally DIN Rail Mount.
Can Provide If Required.
HMI display type 16 character LCD, haracter height 9mm, enhancement LED backlight.
Key-Pad : 16 key membrane.

Active Pump Selection 1 - 8 Max.
Target 0.01 - 10,000 Litres
I.F.Offset. 0 - 500 Counts
P.P.Litre 45 - 110% of Nominal
End Wash Volume 0.01 - 10,000 Litres
No Pumps Active 1 - 8 Max.
Unit Ref No. for RS232 ID.
Security: 10 character access code.
Programming Via 16 way keypad.
Calibration Automatic via keypad.

Size (Panel Mount) H120 x W175 x D40
Panel cut out H93 x W150
Operating temperature -10 to 50 Deg C
Power supply options 12 - 24 volts DC
Can Provide If Required.
Outputs standard RS232 serial
5 Opto Inputs
6 Opto outputs
Outputs optional RS485 serial
6th Opto Input.
For further details, or to discuss your particular requirements, contact us direct by telephone on +44 (0) 1332 834141, by email at or through our message form.