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Simret F2 Onboard brake tester
Simret F2 Onboard brake tester
Simret-F2 has been designed to allow drivers to test the brake performance of their vehicles or locomotives during the course of their working shift. This is done by pushing a single button while machine is stationary. A bright blue light illuminates to confirm when it is ready, and the driver then simply accelerates to the recommended test speed and applies the brakes to bring the machine to a stop. Simret-F2 automatically calculates the brake performance and will illuminate a bright green light if the brakes have passed the test or a red one if they have failed.
The pass-fail lights will remain illuminated (whenever the vehicle is running) for a preset period between 1 hour and 10 days. The driver should retest the brakes when the lights go out. Additional repeater lights can be fitted to the outside of the vehicle to indicate to management that it has been tested recently.
Permanently fitted for daily driver brake testing
One button brake test with pass-fail indicator
Adjustable pass level and lifetime to suit vehicle
SD memory card for long term storage
Automated results upload via Bluetooth
Suitable for heavy vehicles and locomotives
Small size 150 x 80 x 60mm, easily fitted in-cab
Sensor: TA03 remote accelerometer, encapsulated to IP68
Range: 0 to 100% g with multi-point calibration
Accuracy: Better than ±2%g
Calibration interval: Annual with overdue warning
Brake trigger: Automatic, optically isolated from vehicle brake circuit.
Driver control: Single push button
Pass Fail indicators: Sunlight readable, user defined pass threshold and lifetime
Engineer’s display: Graphical LCD with backlight 128 x 64 pixels
Memory: 4Mb internal, 2GB removable SD Card
Bluetooth: Class 1, range up to 10 metre
Internal battery: 3.6 Volt, NiMH rechargeable Vehicle supply: 9 Volt to 36 Volt negative earth
Size: 150 x 80 x 60 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Case: Heavy gauge steel case with security panel
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