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Folded Shear Beam Load Cells
Folded Shear Beam Load Cells
The Titan range of tension load cells are suitable for smaller Silo, vessel and tank weighing applications.
The load cell can be supplied as a fully welded stainless steel or tool steel.
Capacities from 1000kg to 7,500kg
Fitting options available including threaded bar, rod end bearing and eyebolts.
ATEX option available.


1000kg, 2000kg, 3500kg, 5000kg and 7500kg.
Sample specification for a Folded Shear Beam loadcell
Full scale output: 2mV/V Nom
Safe overload: 150%
Creep (in 20 mins): 0.03% max
Non-linearity: 0.03% max
Hysteresis: 0.02% max
Non-repeatability: 0.02% max
Max operating temp: +73 deg C
Min operating temp: -10 deg C
Insulation resistance: ≥ 2000MΩ
Zero balance: +/-1% F.S.
Supply voltage: 6-12 v (DC or AC)
Max voltage: 15v
Output resistance: 350+/-10Ω
Fully sealed as standard (IP65)
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